The Military Retirement Blueprint
The Military Retirement Blueprint

We help you navigate your military retirement pay & benefits

The Pragmatic Financial Approach to Achieving Autonomy & Work/Life Balance With Risking Your Income

Mid-career transition is unique for career officers and NCOs.

The civilian world can be a shock to the system for former senior post-military professionals. It can be difficult to adjust financially to a more autonomous lifestyle after years of structure. 

That's why we've created The 'Unconventional' Military Retirement Blueprint platform for post-military professionals to access the more pragmatic financial approach to achieving autonomy & work/life balance.

We bring together mid-career professionals who have significant military experience and assets to access new financial paths to career success so that you can enjoy your new multiple streams of income and better support the people important in your life.  

With our help, you can prepare financially for a career progression that helps you reach autonomy in less time, with greater access to opportunities, and with protected profits on the investments of your time, talent, & treasure.  

We offer experience, trusted guidance and resources every step of the way, so you can achieve your goals and create a better work/life balance.

Senior career military are left out of the conversation.

If we are being honest, the legacy military transition programs are great for getting a vector check, but aren't designed for someone with your level of experience.  

You've already had a few wake up calls when you found yourself in an awkward situation at a networking event or when you didn't understand what turned out to be a basic question in an interview.  

We are here to warn you that you need that same wake up call in regards to your financial strategy.  

If you have followed the conventional financial advice, then the majority of your savings are in retirement accounts such as TSP and IRA's, money you have no intention of using until after age 60.

But that's still years away, how does that help you financially today?

It doesn't. 

They told you to prepare financially for the WRONG retirement.  

But its not too late.  

You're a high income earner now, and can play catch-up quicker than you may realize and without hurting your lifestyle. 

In fact, we can help you keep more money in your budget to enjoy post-military life while also maximizing your investing and savings goals

You just need a new map so that you can orientate and gain access to other opportunities you unaware of because they weren't on the path conventional path laid out for you. 

We can help you redirect your time, talents and treasure into a more privatized strategy that that lets you design your own blueprint to your financial life after military retirement. 

The Military Retirement Blueprint is a portal for recently or soon to be retired military professionals who want to speed up their progression to civilian life or are ready upgrade where they've already landed. 

Why you should join:

This platform was initially created as a way to better serve the readers of the book, Your Life & Military Retirement Pay & Veteran Wealth Secrets which were the first books of their kind that discuss how to maximize the financial aspects of your military retirement pay & VA benefits, not just your new career income. 

As readers requested additional scenarios and resources it became clear that an online portal would be the most useful way to share information, answer questions, and coordinate resources in a more private setting than is available through any of the TAPs classes, financial planning services, or on LinkedIn.  

The legacy transition programs are designed to help veterans find jobs, not maximize your financial strategy. There are two main problems that are overlooked.

1. What is the point of a new post-military career if not to maximize your finances?

The conventional transition and financial planning programs focus on younger enlisted and JMOs still at the beginning of their financial lives.

Which means that the senior career officer or NCO is not helped as much as he or she should be at military retirement. 

And the financial planners only advise you to invest more money with them. How convenient. 

2. What's the point of saving money if you are told to feel bad by the 'experts' if you want to use it?

These are two major flaws that cause you to waste a tremendous amount of your time and energy trying to customize your own plan without any direction. 

And you are not alone as your peers are in the same boat or maybe just in the boat a year or two ahead of you.

They also aren't in a great position to give you the financial guidance you need as you continually ask each other what the other thinks.  Its the type circular logic you are looking forward to avoiding outside the active duty career progression process.  

While we aren't here to find you a job, we can help you make sure your financial situation enhances your ability to design the autonomy and work/life balance you want, rather than being stuck in the government contractor employment trap for another 20 years.  

If you follow our approach, we can get you there in three to five years. 

Sound good? 

See you inside. 

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US VetWealth has spent over a decade helping retiring military officers and senior NCO's avoid the mistakes made by many so that they can create a work/life balance enjoyed by few.

With our combined 75+ years of active duty service and 25+ in government contracting, we have the experience to guide you through your transition. We provide qualified experts with current business insights for success across all industries - no matter how complex or simple a situation may be!


Nothing on this portal or website should be considered investment or financial advice.  

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